Juana and Meidi

New Labor members Juana and Meidi were working through the temp agency Professional Personnel Income, Inc in New Brunswick, NJ and being sent to a AccessBio, a facility that produces malaria pills and test kits. 

They were both owed two days each of work done in the week of June 15-21. For over a month they would ask the agency about their checks, but every week they were told that their names didn’t appear on the AccessBio attendance list for those days. 

So they decided to do a collective action with New Labor. Members of New Labor reminded the agency who we are, and that we can file a formal complaint again like the time we did that resulted in over $33,000 recovered for unpaid overtime for Professional Personnel Employees in 2012.  At that point, the new version was that, yes that Juana and Meidi did work at AccessBio but they couldn’t pay because AccessBio did not pay the agency for those two days.   

Members reminded that agency that as an “employer” it is their responsibility to pay their employees for the work they do.  Later that day, professional called to say that Juana and Meidi’s checks were ready to be picked up.