José worked for over year at a La Cabañita Dominican Restaurant in New Brunswick, but was not paid minimum wage nor overtime. As a result, he is owed over $10,000 in unpaid wages.  Two collective action protests with 30+ people have been held at the restaurant to make the issue public. 

A formal complaint was filed with the New Jersey Department of Labor in early 2015. On two different occasions, the owner of La Cabañita agreed to a settlement payment plan with the Department of Labor, but the unpaid wages continue to be unpaid. 

As New Labor helped pass an anti-wage theft ordinance in New Brunswick, it will be used to leverage the payment or José’s wages, La Cabañita could be shut down due to non payment! 

Through the process José has become a more active leader in New Labor through coordination of events and other unpaid wage theft actions.

“It’s not fair that we don’t get paid for the work we do. I know at New Labor we are working together to fight and win.  We aren’t alone, and we won’t stop fighting.”