Jean worked as a driver for a company that has a contract with Centro Transit in Syracuse, NY for their "Call a Bus" service. The company, Band Aid Care Transportation Service, owes wages from work done back in March and April of 2015.

Jean made many attempts to get paid, and at the Workers’ Center of Central New York (WCCNY) we also called his former employer, but nothing, they didn't CARE!

He joined WCCNY at one of our workers meetings and we came up with a plan. In June, we delivered a letter to Centro to ask them to support Jean in getting paid NOW and also to ask them about their policies regarding unscrupulous employers that provide services on their behalf.

Centro told us it is not their business, that they just pay their contractors and make sure their paperwork is in order. We believe they should care. So we delivered a letter and we are asking them for a meeting.

Also we sent a letter to the employer, Band Aid Care Transportation Service. Jean's work as a driver provided an important service to a lot of people while he worked for the "Call a Bus" service. He drove people to their doctors appointments and to run errands all over the Syracuse area.

After the collective action, Jean recovered most of his stolen wages. We stand with Jean and say NO to wage theft in Syracuse. Centro should CARE too!