NFL cheerleaders win ruling in fight for better wages

by Ahiza Garcia

The cheerleaders for the NFL's Buffalo Bills were given the go ahead with their class action lawsuit against the team demanding better wages.

The ruling this week by a New York state judge allows "all Buffalo Bills cheerleaders and ambassadors since April 2008" to come together on the suit. Five former cheerleaders had originally brought individual suits against the team.

The cheerleaders' lawyer, Christopher Marlborough, told CNNMoney that he is pleased with the ruling and "fighting for the rights" of all Bills cheerleaders who are making claims.

At the core of the case — and similar ones by cheerleaders for other NFL teams — is how they are categorized by the teams. The NFL teams have considered them independent contractors and not employees. As a result, they weren't entitled to certain wage and workplace rights.

The suit claims that the Jills cheerleaders were paid below minimum wage and were required to attend unpaid events. The cheerleaders claim that at some of these sponsored events they were made to feel uncomfortable by male attendees.

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