Community Rallies with Woman Alleging Over $1800 in Wage Theft

A woman has filed a lawsuit against Lezcano Painting and Drywall claiming wage theft.

Karla Moreno and community supporters held a protest in front of Johnny Lezcano's home office Saturday morning to demand Lezcano pay his workers. The protest comes less than a day after Moreno filed a lawsuit against Lezcano Painting and Drywall, alleging violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act, breach of contract, and fraud.

According to Workers' Dignity spokesperson Jack Willey, Moreno is not the first employee to suffer as a result of Lezcano's inhumane treatment of workers.

"In 2011, two workers won back $4,169 in unpaid wages from Lezcano with the help of a public campaign by Workers' Dignity, Willey said."

In June 2015, Ms. Moreno came to Workers' Dignity looking for community support in recovering her unpaid wages from Lezcano for painting, cleaning, and selling tickets for his Lucha Libre Wrestling matches, Willey said.

Willey went on to say, In July 2015, Moreno sent a letter to Lezcano, placed several phone calls requesting that he do the right thing and pay her the wages she was owed. She eventually met with him in person. Lezcano admitted owing back wages but still has not paid.

According to the lawsuit, defendants owe Moreno $1,840.00 in back pay and Moreno is entitled to liquidated damages resulting in an award of $3,680.00.

"If he paid me my money, I would be able to provide more stability for myself and my children," Moreno said.

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