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5 Tips About How to Hang Grow Lights From Ceiling in Indoor Garden 2021

When you are growing plants indoors, it becomes vital to know the concept of how to hang grow lights inside. With the complete guide on grow lights, you will get to know its nitty-gritty.

We will help with everything from the right place and steps to get these adjustable lights. And when you start hanging them, you will save electricity too. Then it comes with the discipline to use it judiciously as well.

But more important is the fact that you will learn how to grow plants inside without needing much sunlight. And when you know that, you will worry less about your plants.

In the case when you are busy and cannot take care of them. Or when the weather outside is never according to the suitability of the plant.

But, with these adjustable grow lights, we help familiarize you with the concept of saving your plants and energy.

What Is Grow Lights?

Grow lights are different types of adjustable lights. You can hang them inside your house and over the plant pot. The types of growing lights you choose, help to provide the necessary nourishment to the plant indoors.

These lights can be LED, Fluorescent, or high output LED. For example, Cactus grows quickly with the high output LED growing lights inside your house.

How To Hang Grow Lights

Choosing the right type of LED light is necessary for the right to grow your plants indoors.

So before knowing how to hang grow lights, make the right choice for the LEDs to use. For example, use fluorescent lights or bulbs for small plants in your house or office.

Whereas, for larger areas inside the plant nurseries, try to hang the halogen lights.

For hanging such growing adjustable lights, get the bulb from any mechanics stores nearby. These bulbs hang over the pots to give the direct light source for the leaves to grow.

How To Install Grow Lights

You need to buy the appropriate grow lights from the store with the adjustable rope.

This rope should have the pulley and the adjustable clamp. It helps the bulb to give the much-needed light from the right height or direction.

You must also have the light pole attached to the ceiling of the room. If you don’t wish to follow these methods to hang the grow lights, then you must have the hole in the wall to hang the lights like you usually do.

Using rope ratchets helps to hang the adjustable lights at a certain degree above the ground. The height measurement is available below.

Different Methods Of Hanging Them Step By Step

01. Use the rope ratchet

Follow this step to hang the grow lights inside different rooms. After all, this is one of the easiest steps to apply.

All you need is the light beam, which holds the tube lights of your choice. Then you need the rope ratchet to hook that same panel.

Within minutes you can get the whole set up done to hang the lights to start the organic growth of the lovely plants inside the office/homes/apartments.

02. Heavy Grow light mover system

Another similar step is to use the conventional light mover system. It is beneficial for those who have larger light beams available already.

Then you can install these mover systems from your ceiling.

03. Place the growing lights directly over the pot

When you do not have light beams, this method comes in handy. However, it will be an expensive step to get light frames and other things done.

You can move the growing lights whenever you wish to under this step.

04. Right Height

Please take a note that various lights are kept over plants at different heights. And to avoid confusion, especially for beginners, it’s easier to follow the thumb rule.

So, the less powerful LED growing lights are usually at a height ranging from 24 to 36 inches above the plant.

Whereas, the powerful ones need to be far. This range can be from 48 to 62 inches above your plants.

05. Material To Install

If you are using the mover or ratchet system, then you would need more elements than just the growing light to hang over your plants indoor.

Grow lights: This depends on your knowledge, choice, budget, and plants you are planning to grow through organic fashion inside a particular premise.

You can purchase high output LED lights or the low ones. It depends on your budget strictly and then the plants.

Grow light power cables and cords: The cable or cords might come with the lamps that you purchase for the plants’ growth. These cords help to adjust the growing lights on the various locations flexibly.

Mover systems: You need to make sure that the mover system which you purchase can handle the weight of the grow lights.

With the right weight capacity, warranty, and size, use these movers to adjust the lights over the plants.

Grow light hangers: You need to use the light hooks more often when you are using the rope ratchets to hang the grow lights above the plants you want to grow.


  1. Keep the lights adjusted at the right height: We have explained the height factor earlier. So make sure that the plants get the required amount of light to grow organically.
  2. Get the right equipment for the plant(s): You need to make sure that you are getting the right material for the growing plants. These can be system movers or the hangers. So, read the guide carefully. Otherwise, hanging the grow lights can be difficult.
  3. Expect the plants to grow slowly: When you are using the grow lights for the first time, expect the plants to grow slowly. Also, inspect the situation of your plants day by day or weekly. It will give you more insights into the organic farming you are pursuing.


  1. Do not use the wrong lights: This is the essential step to avoid. For that, you need to know which lights, the plants—you’re planning to grow inside—require.
  2. Do not get the most expensive lights: The adjustable grow lights do not need to be costly. So, if you are thinking of buying the costly mover system or lights, then that is the wrong decision to make.
  3. Do not keep the high powered LED lights near to the plants: The high powered LED lights can hamper the growth of the indoor plants. So avoid using them to directly over the plant shelf. They need to be at a calculated distance.

Benefits of Using Grow Lights for Plants

  1. Limited choices of plants: Usually, there is a limited choice of plants or shrubs that are grown inside. So, these limited plants wouldn’t need sunlight. Hence, as the choices are optimized, you will not feel overwhelmed at the first stage of organic farming.
  2. You can keep the pots separately: As the number of the pots or plants used inside is limited, you can easily place them together or at separate locations. In other words, you can make the most use of the shelf space or the storeroom—which otherwise is of no organic use as such.
  3. Keep them protected from the unwanted weather: By virtue of indoor organic farming and knowing how to hang grow lights, you get to protect your plants.
  4. Protection will help save plants from the harsher weather outside.

How do you use grow lights indoors?

If you are a beginner, use the LED lights directly above the plants for fast growth. Such a growing light will work for the plants requiring direct sunlight.

As you gain experience in organic farming at home, switch over to the mover system for different beams of the adjustable growing LED lights.

Which grow light is best on the market?

There are endless choices available online to choose the best-LED light in the market for growing your plants.

But, to hang the adjustable growing lights over your plants indoor, you need to make sure that it comes with a warranty as well.

And while you are selecting the fluorescent bulb, make sure you get the one which has the higher wattage and the warranty to avoid any sort of heat damage nearby.

How high should I hang my LED grow light?

The height of the LED grow light varies from 24 inches to a distance as far as possible around 62 inches.

So, know which type of LED grow light it is firstly. If the LED you are using is less powerful, then the height can be from 24 to 36 inches above the plant.

However, in the case of highly powered LED grow lights, you have to keep a minimum distance of 48 inches from the plant.

It could go as high as 62-64 inches. But for that, the power of the LED lights at your home should be extremely high.

Which is better Grow light LED or fluorescent?

The ideal choice for a beginner will be the CFL or the fluorescent light. It has various reasons to justify that. The CFL lights more readily available at the hardware or other mechanic stores.

How do you hang a grow light in a tent?

The tents can be of different sizes. But we are going to explain the primary way of installing a grow light inside the tent. Firstly, you would need a hangar system inside the tent.

On that hangar, you need to place the rope ratchet system with the pulley.

This pulley will be hooked on either side of the LED grow lights mover system or the beam. It depends upon the tent size and the space available inside.

Now, begin to adjust the rope or the pulley to set the height right. Then under the light, you can place the plant pots for the organic growth to commence.

Where should I hang a grow light ceiling or wall?

It is highly advisable to hang the adjustable grow LED lights on the ceiling. The wall will not be a good option to install the LED lights. That is because your plants will not receive light directly.

However, if you are sure about your gardening skills, hanging the growing lights on a wall can be a cheaper option. Then you wouldn’t need a mover system to move the lights from different heights.

How to clean Grow Lights

Air duster: The canned air can be a subtle choice to remove dust or any insect. You can spray this canned air directly onto the different corners of the LED light hanging above the plant.

Glass cleaners: You can clean the glass LED lights by these spraying cans. Spray it on a lint-free washcloth and then swipe the same on the LED grow lights.

Leave it be for three to five minutes, but make sure that the lights are switched off. But do not use the cleaners with acetone as it will hinder the lighting effects afterward.

Check and clean the bolts and nuts: Another way to keep your growing lights clean is to make sure that the bolts and nuts are not rusted.

To do that, you should do a weekly or bi-weekly check on the whole growing light’s mechanism.

Where Can I Easily Purchase The LED Grow Light Of My Choice?

The availability of these grows lights is not that hard. You can search for them in the nearby hardware store.

Or else, you can order them online with customized choices as well. But such an order will be costlier than the ones you buy from the offline stores.

Can I Grow My Plants Indoor With Just Blue & Red LED Lights?

The answer is not simple for this question. To an extent, yes, you can grow the plant. But, for full growth, some plants need a full spectrum. It is given by the White LED grow lights. However, some lights need Yellow, Blue, or Red color more.

How Can I Select The Best Growing Light For My Plants?

Make sure that the growing lights offer a full spectrum, warranty for at least two years, and match your budget as well.

It should be a crucial step in the guide to hang the grow lights with ease and full efficiency.


The overall installation of the growing lights or the procedure of hanging the same on the ceiling can be simple for those who are not beginners.

So, if you are a beginner, you must begin using the CFL and other fluorescent growing lights.

It helps you to know how long does it take for the plant to grow. And you get familiarized with your schedule as well.

Once that is settled, you can start using higher frequency lights like the ones with high-pressure sodium content.

Moreover, the benefits of using grow lights over the ceiling or a wall are for those who stay indoors more. These people stay for long hours at the office or are homemakers.

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