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10 Best Pre Emergent Herbicide For Lawn & Garden in 2021

If you want a pristine lawn, free of weeds, the best pre-emergent herbicide will do the job for you. Pre-emerging herbicides are created to prevent weed seeds from germinating, stopping weeds from appearing on your lawn.

This way, it’s easier to get rid of weeds and clean the terrain for grass to grow. They’re quite a few products available on the market, so it is worth taking the time to find the best of them.

What is the Best Pre Emergent Herbicide on the Market?

While pre-emergent herbicide users could make a top with the best products on the market, the best one is the one that will help you enjoy the best results.

There are quite a few factors to consider when choosing a pre-emergent herbicide, so take them into consideration before buying any product.

When Should I Apply Pre Emergent Herbicide?

The name of the product, pre-emergent herbicide, indicates the fact that the product will prevent seeds from emerging once the temperature is warm enough.

So, in spring, once the sun starts shining brighter and warmer, the soil will defrost and increase its temperature, creating the ideal environment for seeds to germinate.

You need to apply a pre-emergent herbicide before this happens.

If the seeds are already germinated when you apply the product, there are high chances for weeds to emerge in spite of the herbicide that exists in the soil.

February is the best month to apply a pre-emergent herbicide, even it may snow on the soil.

Snow is made out of the water, so it will melt once temperatures are rising.

Thus, when seeds are ready to emerge, they will absorb the herbicide from the soil and will stop growing.

Checking out products and learning about pre-emergent herbicides will help you make the best decision for your lawn.

Such a product can reduce your efforts in maintaining a beautiful lawn throughout the year.

Top 10 Best Pre Emergent Herbicide Reviews

01. Quali-Pro Prodiamine 65 WDG


This pre-emergent herbicide uses prodiamine as an active substance.

The substance works great on preventing weeds from germinating into the soil and appearing in spring.

Its working mechanisms involve microbial decomposing of prodiamine into the soil.

Once this substance is in the soil, weed seeds will not germinate.

The first application of the product should be made early in the spring, once the soil starts warming up from the sun.

On low temperatures, the soil microbes are inactive and, therefore, incapable of decomposing the prodiamine.

The product comes in the form of granules, which have to be dissolved in water.

You can use this herbicide together with fertilizers and other substances you use to prepare the lawn for the warm season.

It’s possible to mix all of them in the same tank and then spray the lawn with the resulting substance.

Due to its low volatility rate, the active substance will stay in the soil for longer, even if the sun shines bright.


  • A broad-spectrum herbicide that tackles various species of grass and wide leaf weeds;
  • Great for preventing crabgrass from growing;
  • It can be applied in the spring and autumn alike;
  • Can be mixed with fertilizers and solutions rich in iron, and applied on the lawn;
  • It doesn’t need a surfactant, as it works mixed with water only.


  • Wide coverage area;
  • Eliminates weeds from the 1st application;
  • Affordable and effective;


  • It has a granular form, which can clog spraying nozzles if it’s not well dissolved;
  • It won’t work at low temperatures.

02. RM43 43-Percent


If you need an effective herbicide, cleans an entire area, and needs one single application, this product is just right for you then.

The product is a combination of two herbicides and a surfactant, its concentrated formula being very effective and having a long reminiscence in the soil.

However, it must be diluted with water before use, as it cannot be used as it comes.

This pre-emergent herbicide has a wide spectrum of activity and will kill the majority of weeds.

Due to its potency, it should be used in areas where you want to clean up the entire vegetation. So, it is not suitable for areas with crops or where plant roots may be.


  • Suitable for surfaces of up to 17,000 square feet;
  • It will stop weeds from growing for one whole year;
  • It should be applied only where bare spots are desired;
  • It works great to control weeds around vines and bushes;
  • No restrictions for pets or people to entered sprayed area;
  • After two hours after application, it can take rainfall.


  • It’s great for cleaning gravel paths, driveways, sidewalks, parking areas, and fence rows of weeds;
  • No additional application is needed for 1 year;
  • Weeds are completely gone after 2 weeks since application;


  • It will completely remove weeds, but nothing will grow on the sprayed area;
  • It dries up all the vegetation where it is applied.

03. Preen 2464092


This product can keep your yard clean for a very long time. Forget about pulling out weeds for 6 whole months and then reapply the product to prevent them from appearing.

The bottle features a flip-top cap that ensures an easy application. Just flip the cap open and pour the product where needed. Then water the entire area to activate the product.

When it is used as instructed, this herbicide can be easily used around a wide range of plants and trees.

Check the product label to see all the 600 plants that are compatible with the product.


  • Highly practical, it can be applied to the soil right from the bottle, requiring water for activation;
  • It will keep weeds from growing for 6 months since its application;
  • It can be used around 600 types of plants;
  • It can be applied in the spring, summer, and autumn, at every 6 months;
  • 93 lb. of the product can cover up to 805 square feet of terrain;


  • Great for spot-on treatment; just apply from the bottle and water the area to activate the product;
  • It will keep weeds from developing around shrubs, various perennials, and trees;


  • It can’t be used on lawns, flower seeds, vegetable gardens, or edible plants;

04. LawnStar Non-Ionic Surfactant Pre-Emergents


This is not an herbicide or pesticide on its own, but it can help increase the effectiveness and longevity of your favorite gardening and plant care products.

In other words, it can make fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides last longer and work better than they did on their own.

It works by breaking the surface so that substances are better absorbed.

When it comes to fertilizers, this product will act as a humectant, increasing the plant’s absorption rate. Thus, waste is reduced no matter what product you want to use.

In other words, you’ll do more with the same amount of product, saving money on buying more products and enjoying beautiful plants in your garden.

The same happens when it is used together with an herbicide.

It will help it do its job faster than before, so you can get rid of weeds in no time.

The product is also non-flammable, safe for the entire family, and eco-friendly.


  • An effective surfactant that increases the power of other products, like fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides;
  • It promotes the penetration of substances, their longevity on the treated area, and even spraying;
  • It is free of alcohol and other potentially flammable substances;
  • Increases the plant uptake of the used product;


  • Safe, non-flammable product;
  • Increases the effectiveness of garden-care products, saving time and money;
  • Compatible with a wide range of plant care and gardening products;
  • Eco-friendly product;


  • It does not contain herbicides, as it is only an herbicide and pesticide booster;
  • It must be adequately combined with other gardening and plant care products.

05. Southern Ag – 12401


This pre-emergent herbicide will inhibit most weed seeds, keeping your lawn and yard free of weeds.

It should be used on a pre-established turf and not on areas where you plan to plant turf seeds.

Because this product works by preventing the seeds to germinate, it may affect the germination of turf seeds.

But if the turf is already established, it will not harm the grass, preventing the formation of a variety of grasses and weeds with broad leaves.

It can also be used as a spot-on treatment around ornamental plants.

It should not be used in gardens with edible plants or plants that produce edible fruits.

After application on the soil, you can water the area immediately or wait for it up to 21 days.


  • Prevents the appearance of many types of grass and wide leaf weeds;
  • 5 oz of product is sufficient to cover a surface of up to 1000 square feet;
  • After application, the surface can be watered right away or you can wait up to 21 days;
  • Treatment should be applied every 3 months to prevent weeds from emerging;
  • It won’t affect the lawn grass and other decorative plants and shrubs;


  • A bottle lasts for very long, as the product has to be diluted;
  • Applied early in spring will keep weeds from germinating;
  • Weed-free lawn and backyard for up to 3 months;


  • It cannot be used on gardens and trees that produce fruits;
  • Dosage is calculated per surface, so you need to know your yard’s surface to apply the product in an adequate amount;

06. Snapshot 2.5 TG


This product comes in a granular form, so it must be watered after application to enter the soil and become active.

So, always plan to use the product before irrigating or watering the area where it’s used.

You can also use the product before rainfall. Water will help it get into the soil easier and will gradually help with the dissolving of the granules.

If you can’t use water, there’s no rainfall, or simply would like to save water, you can use the product by working it in the first 2 inches of soil

. There it will slowly decompose and work its magic.


  • Formulated to offer 2.5 more power than most products in this category;
  • It can prevent the appearance of over 110 types of weeds;
  • Snapshot will remain in the soil anywhere between 6 and 8 months after application;
  • The product should be applied before irrigation or rainfall;
  • Uses trifluralin and isoxaben as active ingredients to inhibit the germination of weed seeds;


  • Highly effective, a small quantity will work well on a broad surface;
  • You just apply it once for the next 6 to 8 months;
  • It has a broad-spectrum action, removing most weeds that grow in a yard;


  • It requires watering after application in order to be active. If no irrigation or rainfall occurs, the product should be introduced in the first 1 or 2 inches of soil;
  • It must be used with care so that it won’t damage ornamentals.

07. The Andersons Pro Turf


This is a highly effective pre-emergent herbicide that works best when used in early spring.

The recommendation is to spread it on the soil in February, even if it will snow on it later on.

If the product is used when the weather is too warm and seeds are already germinated, it won’t be as effective as it should.

One application in early spring will prevent the growth of weeds in the warm season and one application in the autumn will keep cold-weather weeds from emerging.

This way, the lawn, and yard will be free of weeds throughout the year.

If you have large surfaces that require weed control, this product can cost you slightly more than others.

However, its effectiveness is worth the effort because if used as recommended, it will remove over 90% of the weeds that usually grow on a patch of soil.


  • Suitable to be used on lawns and ornamental landscapes
  • A granular form that can be easily dispersed
  • Works on established turfs, but not recommended for golf courses
  • Must be mixed with water to work as intended


  • It will inhibit the growths of various types of grass and wide-leaf weeds
  • Granules that will disperse easily once mixed with water
  • Will work well when used around perennials, nurseries, and other non-crop areas


  • Not intended to be used around crops and edible plants
  • It can be more costly than other products for large surfaces of soil

08. Scotts Halts


If you’re looking for a pre-emergent herbicide that is easy to use, this product may serve you well.

It is enough to apply it once, in early spring, and you’ll see no weeds growing on your lawn or in your yard for the entire warm season.

However, it is recommended to use a spreader to make sure the granules are evenly spread across the ground.

Coming snow or freezing temperatures should not keep you from using the product in early spring.

Low temperatures, snow, or rain won’t affect the product’s properties.

Thus, when the weather is warm enough for weed seeds to sprout, it will be waiting in the soil, ready to kick in.


  • Crabgrass will not emerge after just one application of the product;
  • One application in early spring is sufficient to keep the lawn and yard free of weeds for the entire warm season;
  • Late fall applications will prevent winter weeds from popping out;
  • The product will remain in the soil even if it freezes or snows, without having its effectiveness damaged in any way;
  • Two applications within one year are sufficient to prevent weeds from growing.


  • Soil freezing or snow will not affect the product’s effectiveness;
  • One pack can cover up to 5,000 square feet;
  • Weeds will be gone after just one application;
  • It works for species of winter weeds as well;


  • Featuring a fine granular form, it should be used with a spreader for even coverage of the treated area;
  • You can’t mix it with water and spray it across the ground;

09. Dimension 2EW


This is one of the few herbicides that can work both as pre- and post-emergent. However, the post-emergent effect will be applicable only in certain conditions.

First of all, the herbicide should be applied as soon as the weeds are out of the ground. If they grow too large, the product won’t be too effective.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the post-emerging effect works only for some species of weeds, so not all of them can be removed this way.

For best results, you should use the product in early spring, before the seeds have emerged.


  • It can be used both as a pre-emergent and post-emergent product;
  • It can be applied and works in almost any kind of weather;
  • The product is safe for ornamentals and plant nurseries, as it is water-based;
  • Works best on established turfs;


  • You can still use the product even if the weeds emerged if applied in early development stages;
  • It works great in areas where the weather is hard to predict;
  • Safe for ornamentals and various plant nurseries;


  • You will have to repeat the treatment within 3 or 4 months;
  • If the weeds are grown too much, it won’t be as effective when used as post-emergent herbicide; also, it works this way only for certain varieties of weeds;

10. Tenacity Turf Herbicide


This is a pre-emergent herbicide that can be easily dosed and used as a post-emergent herbicide when needed.

The best part is that it can be used with both established turfs and newly seeded turfs.

It’s quite an advantage to using herbicides with seeded turfs, as they usually inhibit the development of all seeds in the soil.

To obtain the best results, this product should be used with a surfactant, as it will help the herbicide to disperse more evenly onto the soil and over the existent vegetation.


  • It is very effective because weeds easily absorb the product from the soil during the emergence period;
  • It can be used as a contact herbicide or for treating residual weeds of a surface;
  • It has an extended self-life ranging between 5 to 8 years, depending on storage conditions;
  • Can be used during warm and cold season alike;
  • The product is a pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide;


  • Formulated as a liquid solution, this herbicide is very easy to dose and use;
  • Works best as a pre-emergent agent that inhibits the sprouting of seeds;
  • It can remove weeds from certain locations or remove residual weeds;
  • Suitable for use on warm and cold weather as well;


  • It should be used together with a surfactant, for better coverage of the treated area;

Buying Consideration of Best Pre Emergent Herbicide For Garden

Granules or liquid?

When it comes to herbicides, these products can be found as liquids or, in the majority of cases, in the form of pellets or granules.

So, based on the tools you have in hand, you need to choose a product that you can disperse with ease.

Granules that don’t need to be mixed with water or a surfactant should be spread with the help of a spreader.

With the help of this tool, it will be easier to evenly spread the granules and cover a larger surface in a shorter period.

Granules that have to be mixed with a liquid agent, like water or surfactant, can be poured in a tank and sprayed over the treated surface of the soil.

Some products can be used as-is. They are more convenient for those looking to get rid of weeds, but lacking gardening tools like a spraying tank or spreader.

Some manufacturers ship the product in recipients with a convenient nozzle, so you can use the product right from the bottle.

So, it is worth taking into consideration the tools you have in handy to obtain the best results from the pre-emergent herbicide you choose to use.

Just pre-emergent or post-emergent as well?

Some pre-emergent herbicides can be used as post-emergent herbicides as well.

In case you missed the best application period of pre-emergent products, you weren’t home or simply forget, you can still keep weeds from developing.

However, a post-emergent property doesn’t mean you’ll be completely free of weeds.

If a pre-emergent herbicide can be used as a post-emergent product as well, it’s best to apply it in the early development stages of the weeds.

If the weeds managed to grow strong enough, there are chances for the herbicide not to work in their case or just slightly reduce their number.

Also, post-emergent herbicides work only for certain types of weeds, which are not that resistant.

Nevertheless, it may be a useful advantage to grab a pre-emergent herbicide that can also offer post-emergent properties, just in case.

Standalone product or with the possibility to be mixed

Whether you need to mix the herbicide with another substance or use it directly from the bottle is something you also need to consider.

Most herbicides are quite potent and need to be mixed with water in well-defined proportions.

If not, the product risks burning everything, including your turf’s grass.

Some pre-emergent herbicides should be mixed with a surfactant, a substance that increases their resistance in the soil and absorption rate by the seeds.

So, always check the requirements of a product before buying, as you may need to get a surfactant as well, besides the herbicide itself.

If you have a busy schedule and would like to apply the herbicide, fertilizers, and other plant care products, you should look for a product that can be safely mixed with other types of substances.

This kind of herbicides can be placed in the same tank with others and used all at once.

Thus, with one single application, you will get rid of weeds and fertilize your lawn, for green, healthy, and beautiful grass.

Where and how do you plan to use the herbicide?

Herbicides are meant to be strong and destructive or gentler, depending on the substances used for their manufacturing.

So, it is possible to find herbicides that will remove any trace of plants from the treated surface of the land.

This type of herbicide is not suitable for decorative plants or nurseries containing various shrubs, coniferous plants, or perennials.

If you want to make sure that the decorative plants in your yard are safe, find an herbicide that will not affect their development.

Such aspects will be mentioned on the label of the product.

But no matter what herbicide you use, never use it in gardens where edible plants grow, around plants that produce fruits and vegetables, and around fruit-making trees.

The chemicals contained by the herbicide can affect the plants or end up in their system, poisoning the fruits and vegetables.

For vegetable gardens, you need safer solutions, like organic weed removes or plucking the weeds by hand.

FAQ’s of Pre Emergent Herbicide

For example, the weather, type of lawn, type of weeds growing in the area, existing gardening equipment, they can all influence your choice.

Not all products resist in all weather conditions. Some may need particular conditions to become active.

Read each product’s characteristics with care and consider your lawn and weather conditions when choosing a product.

Why the Andersons brand is best?

This particular brand won the appreciation of many users due to several reasons. First of all, the formula of the product is made to increase its effectiveness.

In other words, you should be able to have a bigger number of particles on each square inch of the treated property.

This means that the product will be much more effective than other similar products.

So, you’ll get more efficiency for the money you spend on the product. But, even so, it doesn’t mean that the product will work regardless of conditions.

It is, after all, a pre-emergent herbicide, so it should be applied before weed seeds germinate. If weeds emerge, this product won’t remove them from your lawn.

Which month should I apply pre-emergent?

In the second half of February or the first days of March are best for applying a pre-emergent herbicide. However, it all depends on the weather in the area where you live.

Also, read the specifications mentioned on the product’s label, to see if any temperatures are mentioned by the manufacturer.

If winters are colder and longer where you live, you may need to wait a bit more until you can use the herbicide.

Or you can opt for an all-weather herbicide instead, the kind of product that can be used regardless of the weather.

Also, pre-emergent herbicides can be used in the fall as well, to prevent winter weeds from appearing. September is usually a good month to apply another dose of pre-emergent herbicide.

But, again, check the recommendations on a product’s label. Some herbicides are made for one single application a year, some for two applications a year, and some require applications every 3 to 4 months.

How to use Pre-Emergent

The manufacturer of the pre-emergent herbicide will tell you how to use the product. Some products can be applied as-is, directly from the bottle onto the ground.

These herbicides can be in the form of pellets or liquid. Others will require dissolving in water and sprayed on the ground or mixed with a surfactant, for better spreading and effectiveness.

Also, some products require immediate watering of the treated area, which will activate their properties. So, always read the indications regarding the use of a product.

Does pre-emergent kill existing weeds?

Some pre-emergent herbicides have post-emergent properties, which means that they could kill weeds as soon as they come out of the ground.

But this means to apply the herbicide while the plants are still in their early development stages.

If the weeds managed to grow slightly larger, the pre-emergent herbicide might not work. These products are created to inhibit the growth of seeds, not to kill grown plants.

There might be some products that can burn living weeds, but these products are usually very toxic. This means that they will burn existing grass as well.

This type of herbicides is best used on driveways, in the proximity of fences, sidewalks, and other areas that need to be cleared of vegetation.


A pre-emergent herbicide can indeed help you control the development of weeds better. Having to constantly pluck weeds from your lawn and yard can be unpleasant, tiring, and time-consuming.

Not to mention that a broken weed can pop out again if you don’t manage to get its roots out of the ground.

A pre-emergent herbicide works by preventing weed seeds from germinating.

Thus, new plants will never form, so you’ll never have to pluck them again.

But, in most cases, pre-emergent herbicides work best with an established turf, as they can also inhibit the development of turf seeds.

If you plan to spread turf seeds on your property, make sure the herbicide you are about to use won’t affect their growth.

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